TEAMmates is MMG’s mentor support and appreciation program, open to all active mentors and program staff in the MMG Affiliate Network. Through TEAMmates, mentors and program staff will have access to a variety of special offers at our TEAMmates providers across the Mid-South. These offers include free admission, 2-for-1 deals, discounts, and free tickets with our providers, which span entertainment, outdoor activities, museums, indoor activities, and food/drink. Click here then tap the "Join" icon to sign up for TEAMmates, and be on the lookout for your TEAMmates Active Mentor Card and a small welcome gift!

Current TEAMmates Providers 

Indoor Activities


Outdoor Activities


Food & Drink

Other benefits include: 

  • Monthly happy hour/social activities
  • Access to special events and guest speakers
  • Professional development opportunities 
  • TEAMmates welcome package

Interested in being a TEAMmate?

We would love to include your organization on our list of mentor and mentee experience opportunities for 2022-2023. Your contribution can help make memories for mentors and kids throughout the Mid-South. Whether it sparks a deep conversation, inspires laughter or enables kids and their mentors to discover a shared interest, these “little things” make a big difference.

If you would be able to help us in one or more of the following ways, please consider making a donation of:

  • Free mentor/mentee admission to your attraction
  • Discount/coupons on your products or services
  • Event space for a TEAMmates gathering
  • Access to any programming/educational experiences you or your organization could provide
  • Any other items or services you think mentors & mentees would enjoy

Our mentoring affiliate provides support for over 2300 mentors and 4300 mentees in the Mid-South community. By partnering with us, you are creating opportunities for mentors and youth to access your organization and create experiences for mentors and youth to build a trusting relationship which is crucial for positive outcomes in mentoring. Additionally, you are ensuring kids have the support, encouragement and role models they need to succeed.

If you are interested in joining the list above, please apply here or contact Caroline Simmons, Program & Partner Support Coordinator, via email at